About MC1.12 2 install [Aoa3]Advent of Ascension 3, and there are some strange bugs after entering the world

  1. Do not increase fishing experience.
  2. You can’t summon a boss who discards the summoned doll, such as the Troll Idol.
  3. The server background will prompt the collision problem and swipe the screen crazily.
    I asked the developer of Aoa3, and he thought it was the problem of spongeforge.So I don’t know how to solve these problems. :pensive:

I could be way off the mark here, but to me that sounds like the Sponge cause system attempting to correct someone elses code.

You maybe able to correct this by going into config/sponge/global.conf and add the mod id to the broken-network-handler-mods

Technical details of what I think is happening:
When programming, there are ways certain things should be handled. In minecrafts case, all world interaction and network calls should be “synced” (happening one after another). However, due to some common bad practises being published as the solution to problems, it has meant that some-a lot of mods will break the Minecraft practises.

Sponge requires mods to all follow the good practise traits to work and therefore, sponge will force some mods to do good practise things, however sometimes the mod doesnt expect it and breaks because of it. Adding the mod to this list will tell sponge to let that mod do its own thing in terms of network, however sponge plugins may not react well to the mod and therefore it is stated in the config that the mod should be fixed (use good practises).

Again, I could be wrong. But I hope it helps