About server loadable player test

I now have a small Sponge server of my own.
I allocated 3G memory to the Sponge server.
When the player reaches about 10 people, there will be occasional jam.
The CPU and allocated memory are not full either.
But I don’t know how many players it can bring.
How can I test how many players can I bring to my server?
My server is loaded with a lot of large mods.
So I’m afraid that when players increase, they can’t upgrade the server.
Or is there any stress testing software?

For modern versions of Minecraft (i.e. post 1.7.10), the server eats a lot of RAM. 3 Gigabytes is OK for a dozen players or so, if it’s not modded. Adding lots of mods will increase the RAM usage per player, and it isn’t surprising if a heavily-modded 3GB server can only handle half a dozen players or less.

Therefore, I am worried that if the server is online for 100 people, I will need 30g memory??

CPU utilization rate is about 30-35%
Memory usage less than 80%
TPS above 18.0
The block load is about 1100
The number of entities is about 1000
But my CPU and memory are not full.
Why does it occasionally get stuck?

Mod list:
Note: players are still in the initial stage of development, about 1-3 players belong to the middle stage

I really have no idea what’s slowing your server, you need to do some profiling on your own. Try using sponge timings, or the plugin spark, to get an idea of what the bottlenecks are. It could be something as simple as world generation - having players wander wide and far in borderless worlds and new dimensions can really lag things.

Galacticraft alone can have quite an impact, let alone the other mods you have. In general, the more mods you have, the more impact on server performance. There is a limit on how much a single-threaded process can do before it starts to pile up. 100-player modded servers are difficult to make viable, good luck.

I use bungeecord for load balancing
Separate the world of twilightforest from the world of galactic raft core.
A server is used to survive.
B server is used for twilightforest and galactic raft core.
I used plug-ins to synchronize items from both servers.
In the future, even if you increase the memory and network, you will not be able to reach 100 online people?

I’m sorry!
My English is not very good.
I hope you can understand

我使用sponge timings时,它并没有告诉我有用的信息。