About the Plugin Releases category

The Plugin Releases Category is intended as part of a temporary substitute for the upcoming Ore Repository.

If you have a plugin that you feel is in a stable state, you may place the thread here. However, if there are many reports of your plugin being unstable (Beyond normal variation), the thread will be moved to WIP Plugins.

SpongePowered accepts no liability for any damage incurred through the use of plugins available through this site.

We prefer that Plugin Developers make their plugins available either through a Continuous Integration server or Github, though most other hosts are acceptable. Plugins may not be hosted on sites that include advertising, such as through Ad.Fly or similar websites.


@Owexz: Thank you for this very informative post :smiley:


Have you noticed yet?

Thanks for the info, I would have never known with it.

@owexz please clarify where we are allowed to host our plugin jars. GitHub? Mediafire?

Great description, kudos 2 U!

thx for making a plugin releases category

There you are :smile: