About the Sponge Docs category


Discussion of the Sponge Documentation and related topics belongs here. This sub-forum is intended to keep all talk of SpongeDocs and the CrowdIn Translations in one place, so that issues can be easily found and debated.

In particular, this sub-Forum should be used by:

  • Editors (including the original Sponge Wiki team)
  • Contributors (anyone who wants to make, or has made, a Pull Request on GitHub)
    -CrowdIn Team Members (anyone involved in translating SpongeDocs on CrowdIn)
  • Anyone who has a query about the nature or content of the Docs

I encourage each language Translation team to begin their own thread to discuss developments.
Use whichever language you need to, there is no rule that English is necessary on this sub-forum.
There is also a forum within CrowdIn, which can be used for internal discussions.

Otherwise, please try to keep one issue per thread where possible, and written in English for the benefit of the rest of the team. Thank you all for your co-operation.

*This was a community service Announcement by Inscrutable, Editor-Overlord-Bard for SpongeDocs.

Make sure to tag Inscrutable with your questions and concerns.
DarkArcana created this sub-forum but does not maintain it.

EDIT: Transifex has been archived, and we are now using CrowdIn.


This could make a lot of threads appear. I think we could use tags in the title of the topics identifying the language the thread is about. eg.

[pt_PT] Translation of the expression ‘IDE’

What do you think?

Another thing. There are currently 2 people in my team (European Portuguese). Do you think threads should be opened for smaller teams? Honestly, I think those threads could end up helping those teams grow :smile:


I think he meant general docs issues should get their own thread…

I’d use one thread per language and discuss everything relating to this translation there, including specific word/phrase translations.

The idea of [pt_PT] is great. I would use [de_DE] for german i presume? I wont start a new thread per translation, this could happen in the "main"thread.


I can’t tell what his real intention was…

pt_PT is only written this way because there’s also pt_BR. Without these variations, Deutsch could be simply [de].


Sorry for any confusion, @Tzk has understood my intentions.
For issues outside of Translation, we should try to keep one issue per thread, or it could get very confusing.
Basically I anticipate having three sorts of threads here:

  • Team-based Language discussions in a mix of English and native language
  • Issue-focused discussions (for Docs issues on git, proposed changes to the master pages)
  • Enquiries from the general public and others.

Norwegian Docs Translation || Oversettelse av Sponge-dokumentasjonen til bokmål

@Tzk I’ve been working on pt_BR translation for some time now and I noticed that the translations on Sponge Docs are different from those on Crowdin (some of them are wrong) and the project was built several times since I’ve started. Do they need approval to get into Sponge Docs?


We need to work out what’s going on here. Can you point to a specific page that you’ve fixed but still appears as incorrect in the final build? Note that there are 3.1.0 and 4.X branches of the docs to translate too.


@Inscrutable Sure, I think the most obvious one is the structure.po. As you can see, this string is translated and on Sponge Docs it’s not. Also, this string doesn’t match either. Same happens to the others. It looks like the strings on Sponge Docs are the ones from automatic translation, that’s why I asked if they need approval in the first place.


Yeah, it looks like they still need approval to get bumped. As a reward for your dedication, I’ve set you as a proofreader for that language - so you can see how that works out.


I guess you’re refering to Crowdin building the translations? Sadly that isn’t enough to get it onto the Docs website.

The workflow is currently laid out like this:

  • a user translates a string
  • crowdin builds the project
  • now someone needs push a change to the SpongeDocs github repo, this triggers a build of the Docs website
  • while building all new strings are uploaded to Crowdin and all translated strings are downloaded
  • the latest Docs go live with all recent translations

I think it should be clearer now, why a build on Crowdin isn’t enough :slight_smile: Sadly it can take at least a few hours (or even 1 or 2 days) for your translation to go live, depending wether someone pushed to the github repo or not.

The approval of a string isn’t mandatory to get it pushed to the docs. Only exception: the string you’re translation already has an approved translation.

If you want to know if or when the last deploy of the docs happened, have a look at the commit history of this repository:


SpongeDocs 5.0.0
What about Next/Previous buttons? I can’t find it in Crowdin files. Here is what am I talking about:


Yep. Afaik that’s an issue with the base theme (readthedocs theme) we’re using.
We’re aware of this and already trying to fix it. :slight_smile:

Everything else should already be translatable.