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Hmmm, is this neccesary? Right now there is only one thread dealing with the LLC.
Announcements (Financial state, etc.) can be made in the Announcements category.

I also think this should be a subcategory of “Sponge”. (Same with the “Sponge Docs” category).


Agreed. Right now I think any comments/suggestions/announcements should be made at the Sponge Foundation website. I’m not too bothered about the whole “LLC” thing and I don’t need this spamming up my “New” post tab.


Agree with @boformer, I don’t think it’s really necessary for these 2 subforums to be separated from the main sponge subforum.


I also agree.



(And 15 characters are needed…)


The LLC is separate from Sponge. Its discussions do not belong with the rest, its announcements don’t really belong in the Announcements category. The alternative is setting up a separate forum entirely (forums.spongepowered-foundation.org or similar) which we felt unnecessary.

If you don’t want to see LLC-related conversations “spamming up” your New tab @ButterDev then you can set this category to Muted. On the category’s main listing page click the little O in the top right, and choose Muted from the list.

As for there being only one thread, you have to start with something! :slight_smile:


You know, you can get around the 15 character limit by appending something like this <somerandomtextgoeshere> to your message xD


If they plan to add other things here let them have this section in peace, jeez.