About the WIP Plugins category

The WIP Plugins Category is intended as part of a temporary substitute for the upcoming Ore Repository.

If you have a plugin that you wish to make available, but is still in the early stages of development place it here.

If you feel that your plugin has reached a stable state, you may ask a Moderator to move your thread to Plugin Releases.

SpongePowered accepts no liability for any damage incurred through the use of plugins available through this site.

We prefer that Plugin Developers make their plugins available either through a Continuous Integration server or Github, though most other hosts are acceptable. Plugins may not be hosted on sites that include advertising, such as through Adf.ly or similar websites.


Small loophole:
Technically adfly doesn’t host anything for users. It only redirects you to a site of your choice.

Links to plugins may not (in)-directly link to a site that include advertising like Adf.ly or hosting sites with advertisements

Or something like that will be better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d feel much better deleting the topics of people who attempt to use that loophole and laugh in their face while I remind them that we aren’t a court system, and can very easily enforce the rules in their intended fashion, rather than exactly what they say.