About WG Port

It looks like latest update on worldguard sponge port was 3 months ago. Was wondering what’s the reason behind it given out the fact that it’s one of the best plugins out there and I don’t think that I am the only one thinking this way.

If you don’t mind using a different plugin, you can try FoxGuard.

One of the biggest problems is that the author, sk89q, has kinda fallen off the face of the internet, at least as far as the MC community is concerned. No one else has really made a serious effort to port WG to SpongeAPI completely.

@Minecrell has made a port of WorldEdit to SpongeVanilla and WE exists for MCForge.

It is unknown, however, if WorldGuard will see a similar port.

The only thing that sucks is it isnt exactly as user friendly as WG was. The commands need to be simplified a bit more for others.

I’m aware of FoxGuard I’ve spent a lot of time at forum. I’m waiting sponge to develop more for about 5 months I guess. After I’ve understood that I couldn’t keep up with cauldron and learned about sponge. There has been really nice progress since then given out the fact that this is completely made by people’s efforts without getting money in return. And people are spending their free time to make it happen. About foxguard it kinda looked more complex then wg to me and looks like it doesn’t have some features that wg does. Since wg and we are made by same person I see them kinda like 2 in 1 package. Although FoxGuard is also promising plugin I’ve read its topic I’m sure in time @gravityfox will catch up to WG.

So sk89q is missing for months?