Access data key value in forge mod

Hello together,

I am currently creating a RPG-Server that based on a Sponge plugin and a Forge mod.

The mod is adding new/custom NPCs to the world. For example the size of all those NPCs can be changed. In my plugin all NPCs have an unique defintion where you can change several settings for a specific NPC. At the moment I am sending a request from the client to the server to get the definiton and then I am changing the releated settings like the size.

I am looking for a better way to do this. In Sponge for example you can change different entity settings by offering a data key with a value. On the Forge mod you can create custom Attributes for entities. My first question is, is there a relation between data key (Sponge) and attributes (Forge)?

If not is there a way to access the setted up data key/values from my Sponge plugin in my Forge mod?

I would appreciate any help and I hope it is okay to post such a question in this forum.

Regards Sascha

Not sure about the first. But you can access sponge key data values from forge mods by just accessing the SpongeAPI though your forge mod. Im assuming you have the forge mod and sponge plugin both on the same server, so you will have access to it