Account Deletion Request

Hello there,

I would like my forum account to be deleted. Found a few posts in the past that requested a similar thing and my reasons are pretty much the same but can be summed up with removing excess accounts and keeping personal info off the web whenever possible.

I had Ore posts in the past but currently there is nothing on Ore tied to the account and is just the forum account now.

Thanks <3

Bobbidy bump =)

Is this a technical issue where forum/ore accounts cannot be deleted? The Ore account has nothing attached to it.

I am still very much interested in the account being deleted.

Yeah we pushed out the update to Ore, which should allow us to delete it now - have been dealing with infra issues on sponge all week though and haven’t had a chance. I do have it queued up to be deleted though

Neato. Thanks for the update.