Activation email not arriving

I registered just now but the activation email did not arrive, I finally signed up using Google Account.

Did you check your spam folder?

As Gater said, GMail seems to be filtering mail originating from Sponge to Spam.

It did this to me, go in your spam folder

Thats right, thanks, its there.

I have the spam folder hidden because I reciebe so much spam.

To the forum developers, try using Mailgun free service (up to 20.000 mails a month for free).

Mine didn’t come right away either. I had to request a password reset several times before one came.

I just signed in with google, I don’t like activation emails.

I still say it: ping something about those activation issues

Gmail put that email into spam for me as well.

Mailgun is great, I’m not sure how it compares to Mandrill but it hasn’t ever sent anything to spam for me.

This happened to me, I had to hit to resend it about 3 times. I used iCloud email and it was not it my spam folder.