AdamantineShield v0.4.1 - Action logging and rollback for Sponge

Great work :smile:

Thanks for the kind words! Have a v0.4.1 which is mainly some bug fixes and tying up loose ends from the previous version. :kissing_heart:


  • Added lookup for chat and commands.
  • Added Hopper logging (only for Sponge versions released after April 7th).
  • Fixed Ender Chest interactions giving a “no value present” error.

i am a admin of a server and was wondering if you were fine with me making my own version of v0.3.3(started the project almost a year ago and as such we are on 1.11.2 which means api6) as i want to try and get the rollback working(or now that i’ve noticed, try and add the code you added for your latest version)

and if so do you have any tips for working with your code? (to help reduce some of the needed reverse engineering to understand whats going on) especially since i’ve mostly worked with making a simple mod for whenever we need a utilities(like special tokens, or making it so your TAN temp is instantly set to neutral when near a custom block hidden in the ground at city’s)

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As I mentioned on Discord, feel free to adapt the code to your needs. All I ask is that you make the source public for others that are in a similar situation, but I can’t force you to do so and I won’t hunt you down if you don’t.

Most of the current code for rollbacks and the rollback command should also work on API 6. In the RollbackJob class, the multithreaded parts would need to be assigned to the Sponge scheduler again since 0.3.3 did not have its own threadpool yet. RollbackManager uses some of the new inventory functions introduced in API 7 so you’ll need to revert those as well.

If you need help with anything specific, feel free to message me on Discord or put it in the development channel on the AS server.


You can even share your releases if you wish to, that would be helpful for 1.11.2 server owner :heart:


So lately, a lot of people have been getting an error like this when using AS:

A method was invoked on a dummy class, due to the static field ITEM_DATA not being initialized

This is due to a bug in SpongeCommon. It can be fixed by upgrading to SF 3049 or newer.

The command will crash with Astral Sorcery

Could you please post that in the issue tracker, including the error?

have no any crash report because AstralSorcery have a same prefix “/as”
so the plugins will have no any command work with AstralSorcery
the problem will be fix if you add fullname prefix like:"/adamantineshield help"or something
sorry about don,t post at issue tracker first because my english is not good so doesn’t know should post at there first

Ooooh, it’s a command conflict, I see now. You can use /ashield instead of /as.

Alternatively, you can use /<modid>:command to call any command in Sponge, you can also use Sponge’s alias feature to specify which mod/plugin gets to be the default

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/:command and /ashield doesn’t work

If /ashield gives the “unknown command” message, something probably broke while AS was starting up. You should probably check your server console for errors while the server is starting.

This plugin doesn’t seem to be working for me. Upon startup, I see this in the console

[Sponge]: Could not pass FMLPreInitializationEvent to Plugin{id=adamantineshield, name=AdamantineShield, version=0.4.1, description=Action logging and rollback plugin for Sponge, authors=[Karanum, Snootiful], source=./mods/AdamantineShield-0.4.1-nohoppers.jar}

I was wondering if it was something I did on my end

Are you using Sponge 3616? That seems to be working for me, with the latest released AS.