AdamantineShield v0.4.1 - Action logging and rollback for Sponge


Note: While stable and ready for use, this plugin is still in development. Make sure to check the “Current Features” section to know which functionality is currently available.

AdamantineShield is a logging and rollback solution for Sponge. It logs several actions (such as block and container changes) and allows these actions to be viewed and undone in-game. It places a heavy focus on efficiency to minimize the performance impact on your server.

This plugin is heavily inspired by the CoreProtect plugin for Bukkit, so those who have used CoreProtect before will likely find AdamantineShield to be quite familiar in its use.

Found an issue? Please report it on the issue tracker and include your Sponge and AdamantineShield version.


Issue Tracker

Installation and Usage

To install AdamantineShield, download the plugin file and place it in the mods folder of your server.

The server will likely produce an error about being unable to connect to the database. Once you have an empty database set up (preferably MySQL), enter the correct credentials into the configuration file. While the option to use a local file-end database exists, this is not recommended for actual servers.

Commands and Permissions reference

For more information on how to configure and use this plugin, please refer to the wiki.

Current Features

  • Basic block, container and liquid flow logging
  • Logging of block states and block entity data
  • Logging of player chat and commands
  • Config options to disable certain types of logs
  • Full inspector and lookup functionality
  • Further filtering of lookup results
  • Automatic and manual purging of outdated logs
  • Support for both local and remote storage of logs
  • Support for MySQL and H2 databases (and possibly more, but untested)

Planned Features

  • Logging of certain entities, such as Paintings and Armor Stands
  • Logging of player login/logout
  • Rollback system
  • Support for more database systems

That is perfect, thanks !

Since BlockMonitor is half-dead, I missed a logging plugin.

Great job, I will provide my feedback as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Your plugin was recommended to me by some people from the Sponge community a while back, I actually started using it a few days ago. Impressed so far (more by the fact you’re actually actively developing it, haha).

Keep up the good work, looking forward to see how this plugin grows.

  • Alice Sellars

Updated to version 0.3.2.


  • Added logging of block and item data.
  • Lookups now show some of the block/item data when hovering over an entry.

Note: Logs created using v0.3.2 will be somewhat larger than those created with v0.3.1 because the new block/item data functionality is not fully optimized yet. Make sure to account for this so your server does not run out of disk space! Please check the release notes for more information.

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would use this plugin for the rollback function also the chat log is nice tho :slight_smile: will install it now

Updated to version 0.3.3.


  • Added progress messages to the database update system.
  • Improved efficiency of block/item data compression.
  • Fixed issue where names of inactive players would not be recognized.

Next version will include an initial version of the rollback feature. It’s going to be exciting!


How can I inquire about WorldEdit’s block change log?
I tried to check it out and there was no record of them.

Will this work on API 5?

Yes there’s a version for API 5/6 and API 7

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The developer will not modify the plugin. There are alternatives? API 7

What do you mean? There is a version for API7 although it may be for pre-release API7 if it isn’t working for you

From Discord @Karanum

Here’s a long overdue announcement: As you all have undoubtably noticed, progress on AS has been virtually non-existant. I’m no longer actively playing Minecraft, and as such there’s been little motivation to continue working on AS. I’ve been holding off on making this announcement in case a burst of motivation came my way, but that seems less and less likely as time passes. Because of this, I’ll be on hiatus from AS development indefinitely. Anyone who wants to take a shot at development is free to fork the repository and have a go at it. While I won’t be continuing work on AS myself, I am willing to answer questions about the code.

sad to hear this its one fine plugin to use sadly my java skills arent what they used to be sponge related then

i “might” fork it and play around with it but that depends on how
nice sponge is gonna be for me

It works with API 7, and 7.1, I’ve been using it with Spongeforge 2834.

Yes, it works. A half measure. This does not negate the words of the developer.

Don’t worry, I know the developer personally. Should I ever have an issue with the plugin, he will do his best to help me and my dev resolve the issue, open source-end.

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AdamantineShield development is officially back! While the rollback functionality is not in a presentable state yet, version 0.4.0 will fix some of the bugs that version 0.3.3 had.


  • Added logging options for plant and tree growth.
  • AS now uses its own threadpool, meaning it no longer bogs down the Sponge scheduler.
  • The config file will now update itself when new options are added.
  • The file-end database option is now off by default.
  • Fixed double chest logging breaking itself in newer Sponge versions.
  • Fixed database entries from appearing multiple times when performing lookups under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed lookups being unable to find some players under certain circumstances.

Beautiful! Glad to see you back :smiley: More than them v

I’m even gladder than he is ^ :smiley:

As ever, feels good to see you around Kara :heart: