Adaquate documentation?

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First off, how’s everyone doing today! I’m feeling great, thank you for asking!

So my question to all the developers at Sponge is…

“Will there be adequate (clear & proper) documentation for Sponge’s API?” I hope so, I’m not the best at coding so good API docs would really help me out here. If anyone knows please let me know. Its just that… Bukkit’s documentation gives me the shivers.

Javadocs are the standard form of documentation for any kind of java project. They are almost universally used on any java based project.

If that gives you the shivers you might need to learn a little more on how to read them. However I do understand that some projects don’t adequately document their stuff in javadocs.

There really is no need to have full tutorial sites if there is adequate api documentation in its javadocs / doxygen docs. (DoxyGen is a form of javadocs made to be more aesthetically pleasing to a viewer. Javadocs are easier for stuff like eclipse to read though for internal documentation.

I do hope they have standard javadocs available rather than only doxygen, doxygen is unnavigateable to folks like me who look the address bar to be relevant to the contents on the page. And who like plain HTML.

There is a post with all the documentation Sponge JavaDoc & Doxygen [Updated: 25.10.2014] (Unofficial)

There will be a wiki and javadocs. Right now, you can look at the githib source (it’s not that much), or download the source and generate your own javadoc.

There are currently no more up2date. I’ll update them this weekend.

Sorry for cross-posting, I’ve updated the documentation: Sponge JavaDoc & Doxygen [Updated: 25.10.2014] (Unofficial) - Enjoy :wink: