Adding custom sounds problem


i got a problem. I wanted to add some custom sounds and songs to my game to make something in custom npcs. I used resource pack, ive added one 8bit song, all worked. But when im trying to add another songs to this resource pack, i just can’t hear them.

First file: pack.mcmeta

“pack”: { “pack_format”: 1, “description”: “(Konieczny resource pack. Nie wylaczac. ( #1)”

Second, sounds.json file:

“8bitWhatIsLove”: {“category”: “record”,“sounds”: [{“name”: “what is love 8 bit”,“stream”: true}]},
“bardmedieval”: {“category”: “record”,“sounds”: [{“name”: “bardmedieval”,“stream”: true}]}, “8bitcrab”: {“category”: “record”,“sounds”: [{“name”: “8bitcrab”,“stream”: true}]}

Only 8bit What is love works. Files names are correct, ive checked it 5 times.

Also making a new resource pack with only 1 file didn’t helped. Ofc sounds are .ogg files.


the samplerate usually should not matter, but you could try to change the samplerate for the broken files, i think the default for minecraft sounds was 44100. also pack_format seems a bit old. my plugin eventsounds generates resourcepacks with pack_format 3