Adding Libraries?

Hello World!

I would like to know if developers will be allowed to add libraries to their plugins when they submit them. When I say library I mean something like Guava or Joda-Time. This was not allowed on Bukkit and I would like to know if it would be allowed on here.


Guava will be available as it comes with MC.

I was under the impression BukkitDev allowed libraries. My plugins had libraries…

When I asked about joda-time in the past they told me I was not allowed to add it. I don’t know if the person I asked was ill informed or if you were allowed to do so because of your higher standing in the community. Either way, are we going to include things like it in plugins here?

You’re going to be permitted.


Alright, thanks for the fast response :smiley:


How would library clashes be handled? I suppose ProGuard could help, but that would mean an even bigger pain for reviewers, unless they had your source code ready.

You can relocate with just the Maven shade plugin or the Gradle shadow plugin.

If we were to build a review system, it should make hashes of .class files so there’s no need to re-review a file if it’s been reviewed before.

Ah cool. I’ve heard about Maven Shade, but must have forgot about it. Too much SBT lately. :stuck_out_tongue: