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What’s the definition of advertising? I understand that this forum is not a server list. But a post in the plugins section is technically also advertising, or not?

What about the profile page? Can we advertise our server/website on our profile page?

Servers in the profile page I believe are ok, since sk89q has his server in there.


Advertising plugins is pretty much ok too I think as long as the plugins are in their own thread. Since the whole point of this site is about a replacement bukkit API, which will eventually have its own thing. So as long as you aren’t hijacking threads and spamming people with “I made this new awesome plugin check it out!” I think that’s ok too.

Take this as my interpretation of it and not as something to go by, if you want any more info on the rules, I would talk to some of the staff, or @DarkArcana personally as he was the one to write the rules.

Hope this helps!

Think of it this way. This is a community for people in the server community not players. So plugins when they are available will probably be allowed to some extent

Omg! My theme! <3

As stated in the rules, they are always evolving with open discussion. Plugins will always have a valid place. We just want to clamp down on server lists. So there may need to be better language to explain and elaborate on what we mean by advertisement.

This is not the official rule statement or change (we aren’t Mojang and don’t expect you to follow forum posts and tweets to get your news), but I’m gonna make a change to allow profile flair so you can show off who you are and what you do. You will not be able to bug people into looking at your profile. It will be at will for the curious. I will change the language to make advertising a plugin you or your team has made completely legitimate. I will also allow talking about servers that you have played on as long as you are not trying to gather more players in a server advertisement list fashion. We all play the game, why can’t we talk about it? We just don’t want people annoying each other!

Are these good and valid compromises? Let me know if you have any other concerns.


I would say that this is a decent improvement on the rules so far, not much I can think of adding to it right now. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good… So will my thread be deleted…?
It was.

It would be good if there is sub forum/container for this threads.

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