Airplane - Feature ports from PaperMC (Paper-Server) to Sponge

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This plugin ports a number of Paper-Server gameplay changes to Sponge, implemented as a Sponge-API plugin.


This page is primarily a placeholder. The plugin currently runs but is basic.


All changes are implemented as individual modules. Each module has its own global on/off switch and some have their own configuration settings.

Aquatic Mob Spawns

Prevents water-based mobs from spawning in solid blocks

Drop Falling Blocks

Removes TNT and Falling Block entities that fly over a certain height, optionally drops them as items on removal. Useful for nerfing long range TNT cannons on Factions servers

Nether Roof Damage

Makes the nether roof behave the same as the void beneath the world. Living entities are damaged over time, other entities are removed immediately. Used to nerf long range nether travel in a vanilla-lore friendly way.


A new version has been released for Airplane, it is available for download here.

Initial (pre) release

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