All I need is RPGitems. Why don't we make together?

A plugin like authme we have.
A plugin like essentials we have.
But we do not have an RPG plugin :pensive: Except rpgshops.
Here are some of the ideas for this plugin. Hope that someone can make this plugin.:kissing_heart:

  1. Add Lore to the item to get power. Such as damage, health, armor, skills, and so on.

Health Recovery and HP.
Calculate the percentage to avoid injury.
Active skills and passive skills.
Inflict damage to the entity.
Out of the limt, the item will borken.
Potion Buff and Specific Buff.

  1. Set some properties for the player. Like Dodge, initially health, Damage bonus, and so on.

If users do not need this function. Allows the user to turn off the function in the plugin config.

  1. Add Lore to set a career limit and level limit for items.

If the player does not meet the requirements of the item.
The player will be not allowed to use all the function of the item.
And the plug-in can confiscate the item if the user want.

  1. Translate ALL

    I can translate this plugin in Chinese to help Chinese players understand this plugin.

:blush:Thank for you reading.
I hope you can approve my ideas and give some help.
Your encouragement is my motivation. I will try my best to be the best.


It would be great to have an alternative to Mythicmobs and Infernalmobs on Sponge!
This is just a custom items, modifiable mobs and bosses.

I would have joined develop such a plugin. Because I need it.

(ENG / RU)

You might want to check out NT-RPG on ore. Pretty much everything, you descriebed is implemented or at least partially implemented.

Any help will be much appretiated. Feel free to kick out some prs or just help me with some testing/new feature ideas… Etc :slight_smile:

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I made a similair plugin, LoreAttributes

I could possibly attempt to port this to Sponge if you want


That was amazing

That would be amazing, Sponge really needs a plugin like that.