All player connections drop to 1 bar

While my server doesn’t seem to be running too many ticks behind, there would be spikes where all players drop to 1 bar and mass-kicked from the server. It’s easy to reproduce by gathering 30+ players in one area


Logs don’t show me any messages either so I’m not sure how to begin troubleshooting this.

Update: These connection spikes are affecting my FTP connection to the machine as well

Are you hosting yourself or using a company? What company/plan if you are? If your self hosting, what are your specs.

I’m using SoYouStart’s Game 2 Dedicated server

Intel  i7-4790K, 32gb, 240gb SSD, 250 Mbps Network Connection

Ran speedtest-cli and got
757 mbit/s down
105 mbit/s up

It may be useful to record timings and generate a report just after the spike occurs. This may help to identify whether something on the server is causing issues. Timings docs: Commands and Permissions — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation

Otherwise it could be some sort of networking issue.