All Sponge Versions Above 2465 Won't Load


So this is a weird one… I’ve been an admin for over 9 years, and I’m quite stumped…

One or numerous mods on my server seem to be allergic to any sponge version above 2464. It runs great without my mods, but with my mods sponge flat out doesn’t load, and I can’t seem to find any error in the log explaining why. I’m painstakingly going through all 150 mods right now to find the culprits (I think more than one are interfering), but I figured I’d ask here in case anyone has a better idea, or has experienced the same problem as me.

This is, of course, for a server running 1.10.2, Forge version 2281. The version of sponge is 5.2 (my ultimate goal is to update to 2793, which as far as I know is the best stable sponge build for 1.10.2!)

Edit: Maybe I need to delete or clear some files? I tried clearing the config to regenerate, but no dice… I feel like perhaps I am making some other sort of simple mistake? Or, perhaps there’s a list of known mods that don’t work with Sponge?


Because your sponge version is soooooooo old your not going to get much help, but ill give it a go (i mainly focus on the Vanilla side of things). Mind if I see your log just to get a better understanding of whats going wrong?


Sometimes it’s just down to who loads first, often because of mixin conflicts with other coremods. You can try forcing Spongeforge to be first by prefixing it with something like _aaa, or try the Sponge Bootstrap.


Thank you both so much for your help!

@Inscrutable I had completely forgotten this is how mods work, your fix (renaming the file) instantly fixed my problem! I didn’t even need the bootstrap - you made my weekend! Thanks again!