Alliarch server plugins

  1. Login Security
  2. DiscordMC
  3. WorldGuard
  4. ChangeSkin
  5. PrivateChest
  6. ClearLag
  7. Multiverse
  8. Essentials

Please I really need it very speed to help us (Official Alliarch Discord)

Please reply with a list of link and the number of the plugins

Like That :

  1. link


3 . GriefPrevention

8 . (maybe even 7.) Nucleus

2: Eufranio / MagiBridge
4: TeKGameR / SkinChanger
5: IchorPowered / Latch

Thank you but because the server is open to unofficial version we really need the first plugin in sponge and the 7. Multiverse because nucleus don’t did it ?? if it does can tou tell me how to do because my server is closed and I really want to reopen it as fast as possible

Nucleus does in fact handle multi-world. Read the wiki.

1: FlexibleLogin [v0.17] for Sponge 7+ - Auth plugin - 2FA