Almost a years worth of posts is nothing

I was going through some notifications nacklog & noticed the download posts button. I decided to find out how much storage my 9 active months on these forums takes. Awnser:126 KB. Yep all that time and just that measly amount, how sad.

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Turns out computers are really efficient at storing text.


Yep, suprising huh.

My file is only 24KB. Consider yourself active :wink:


Poor @The_Doctors_Life, only 126KB

I haven’t been active lately so I don’t want to even bother trying to measure mine… Lol

In other news I back from by break.
Commence the party! :birthday:

12,6 kb :frowning:
I am not that active

Just post a video, encoded in base64 :stuck_out_tongue: .

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43kb, Is that good?

344000 bits worth.

20,000 bytes or 120,000 bits here

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Wat? the great dotdash being out matched by me & @FerusGrim?

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Took me a while to find the button :stuck_out_tongue:. Can I ask where this could be useful for?

No idea. I’d imagine it’d be useful for switching to other Discourse forums? But I don’t really see a “data import” area, anywhere.

Well, it’s quality that matters, not quantity, right?

Also, this seems to be turning into some kind of competition again. And that makes me sad.