Alternate source for deobfuscated mappings?

If I understand correctly, I think Sponge uses MCP’s mappings to understand the obfuscated Minecraft jar.

Have you come across this?
Cuchaz (the developer of the Tall Worlds and Ships mods for Forge) has a tool to try and match prior mappings to newer jars, and then posts the mappings to bitbucket with an permissive license.

An example of mappings for the latest 1.9 snapshot is here:

Not sure if it will help anything Sponge related, but I thought I’d point it out.

(In no way should this post be read negatively against Searge’s excellent work on MCP. I just thought this was an interesting initiative worth mentioning.)


The minecraft code is “online”… and you can search it. I think, the developers use this to develop.

Do alligators alligate?

I’m fairly sure posting closed-source software online is a violation of the license. And even then, the point of the utility I linked to, is to help facilitate quick deobfuscation of future releases, not redo the latest version everyone already is using.

I’m fairly sure this isn’t correct with regard to Sponge devs. When 1.8.3 came out, I vividly recall all the status updates mentioning they were waiting for the mappings from MCP (and Forge, for that matter) to begin work on the Forge implementation part of Sponge. I was interested in whether Enigma would be helpful to the devs in any way for preparing quick support for future versions, as the MCP support often takes a little time to get updated with each release.

Considering this was really the only reply this thread got, I’m guessing the answer is “no”. Oh well. Still a fan of the project.

Correct. Sponge relies on MCP mappings.

I’m only joking…
Sorry! :cry:
You can see deobfuscator with the project source and pulling with git, I don’t understand mappings and…!
So sorry again!

That deobfuscation data file is actually just the MCP mappings, but compressed. Forge has special permission to distribute them, IIRC.

Enigma is a neat project, but needs a lot of polishing and fine-tuning for serious use.

Admittedly so:

Enigma is currently in Beta testing.