Alternatives to bash?

Just heard about this today and wondered what is suggested for an alternate or even better tool than bash.

Most distros already have a fixed bash in the repos. Besides, the issue is about using bash in scripts, not using it interactively. That said, personally I’d recommend zsh (with zprezto) or fish regardless.

See here:

  • Morph

The good thing about opensource software is that these things get patched quickly.

Ubuntu/Debian by default runs dash and has bash installed. Based on the information I have seen most of the attack vectors are through poorly set up Apache servers. SSH is kinda vulnerable but it requires a person to login through it. A properly configured SSH server with keys and fail2ban and it is not a problem.

Just update or rebuild the latest version of bash and your good to go

yum clean all
yum update bash

Thanks much.
Sound like I’m doing ok and I’ll update bash soon as I can then look into those alternative shells. I knew there were others but just never took the time to explore. thanks again.

If you are interested in alternative shells I’m a big fan of zsh + oh my zsh. Fish also gives a lot of nifty advanced functionality. You can test each out from bash just by installing and running zsh or fish, then exit command to return to bash.

I prefer Prezto over OhMyZsh. OMZ seems to be slow and bloaty. I used it, it had pretty slow startup time.
Prezto is a fork, that aims for speed and not features. I also dislike OMZ due to stuff like their shell themes. OMZ seems to have their own themes whereas prezto uses normal zsh style themes. But I don’t know much of that, I use promptline for shell theme.

If you want an alternative to bash, I guess dash would be the best… Otherwise I really recommend Zsh, with Prezto.

Should be fixed with an update. The media does overkill…