Always get empty Optional when getting block data

Hi there,

I just started developing a plugin but i am stuck here:

I’d like to change the text of a sign when right clicking on it but when I try to get the SignData from that sign i always get an empty Optional as return. Even when I try to get the default state of that sign i get an empty Optional. Here is my code:
And here is the error I get:
I bet there are a lot of things wrong in this code but I don’t know what is.
Any solutions?


This may steer you in the right direction.

@mmonkey Okay, i see what you did there. Now the sign changes but only when I disconnect and reconnect. Any way to tell the client that the sign has been updated?

Not really sure, I haven’t tried adding data to a sign after it has been set.

Looking at the implementation, it sets the new text but doesn’t update the connected players

It should be noted that the SignData processor is not ticked off on the following list so if it works at all, it’s only partially implemented.