Am I able to change my avatar?

Hi! I recently registered myself in this forum to get a better view about Sponge. I would like to jump over to Sponge from Spigot. So, my question is: Am I actually able to change my avatar? I clearly can see that other users already have changed their avatar.

Am I doing something wrong or Am I just not permitted to change my avatar yet?


Hello and welcome to the Sponge community! :slight_smile:

It is indeed possible to change your avatar. We are in the proces of switching over to a SSO-service for all our sites, which can be found here. Log in with the same username and password as on the forums, then you should be able to set your avatar, or even use Gravatar if you so desire. However, I believe the service has had a few small problems with syncing avatars, so it might take a while before the change is reflected here on the forums. It will come in time, though!