⚔️☠️ Amicus - An RPG Plugin Suite


Amicus is a series of plugins for Sponge that are meant to introduce additional RPG aspects to the game.

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Please use this thread for feedback. If you find a bug or have an idea for a feature, please use the Issues link above.

Amicus Core

Amicus Core is a Sponge plugin that controls storage and configuration for its extensions. Alone, it does nothing.


Amicus Chat’s purpose is to allow a more realistic RPG-type conversation platform.

Without configuration, Amicus Chat will have two channels:

  1. Default Channel
  • Shouting (Default, 50 block radius)
  • Talking (Default, 25 block radius)
  • Whispering (Default, 10 block radius)
  1. Global Channel

However, you can not only create your own channels, but you can configure the sh*t out of them.

Planned Features

  • Chat Logging
  • Templates
  • Complex Channel Configuration
    • GUI-based channel configuration
    • Sounds for incoming messages
    • Global/Universal/Distance
      • Distance (Shout/Talking/Whisper) Radii
  • Open PM by Clicking on User
  • Economy-based channels
  • Per-channel moderation (muting, kicking, banning, invites, reports, etc)
  • Per-channel permissions (Recommended PermissionsEx)
  • Channel Passwords
  • Discord Integration
  • Extremely Open API for Integrations


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Planned Extensions

  • Factions
  • Classes
  • NPCs
  • Quests
  • Banking/Currency

@FerusGrim When will you be introducing the Sonic the Hedgehog roleplaying features?

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When you convince your mom to let me take her to the ballgame, if you know what I mean. :wink:

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Damn, I’m revoking my support for this project without those Sonic features.

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Nice! Can’t wait to see this plugin come to life. :slight_smile:


I like plugins you can configure the shot out of.

Hold up. Did you say

*gets excited*

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Yes, Factions are definitely something I’m looking forward to. It makes sense, though, to get most of the current extensions into a workable state before worrying about it, though.

Careful about that @FerusGrim character, he’s known to eat human babies.

Hey, that’s bullshit. You know that evidence was circumstantial.

I’d take baby-eating over Sonic roleplaying any day.


This guy gets it.

How convenient for you that I had to be the baby in your “Sonic the Hedgehog Eats Babies” roleplay

Hey, its me :stuck_out_tongue: This seems like an interresting project. I would love to help you if you want.

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Gonna have to say a big no on this one, waiting until marriage for me.

More seriously though, excited for this.

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You’ve got me on Discord. :smiley:

@codeHusky I suck at writing descriptions for things, so I’m probably just going to do a huge dump of planned features when I get around to writing them.

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Wow! This plugin is awesome. It just is what I want.

But I have a little question for the plugin. What is the command used to switch default channel to global channel? And how can people shout and whispering?

The future is too long.

I know, right? I’ll eventually get back to this. I’ve recently picked up a project that will require something similar, anyways.