AnimalArea ( guard for Animals and mobs and villagers )

Hello Guys
I Need A sponge plugin make a guard for animals and mobs and villagers in an area you make it.
1 - admin can make an animals area with a golden axe ( /animalarea wand ) from block to block ( like //wand plugins )
2- you can’t use right or left click or moving the animals and the villagers in the area only the player who has added in the area can do that but the normal player can open the chest and build and click the signs…
3- the animals can’t left the area
4- the player who has added in the area can add another player /animalarea add (name)
5- only the admins can create the area and the admin can create a lot of areas +10000 /animalarea create ( name of the area ) and the admin can remove the area /animalarea remove ( area name ) and the admin can know the area name if he go info the area and use /animalarea info he will see the area name and the adds player in the area
6- you can put the animals or villagers from eggs into the area and they will stay moving only in the area
7- the sponge plugin can apply any mods animals or villager or mobs ( dm me to get the animals and villagers mods name )

this is my discord : is4danger#8631
and thank you for your time.