[Animated Tab] - TabList - A resource to show individual tablist header/footer for players

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For Bukkit or Bungee version, take a look at this site.

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This resource is abandoned

I am not interested in further developing this. Please find an alternative tablist plugin. I am actively working on this resource for Bukkit platform only, new releases for Sponge will not happen anymore here, there will be chances that an update arrives to Github only. Any further use of this resource is at your own risk. To those who have used this resource so far, thank you!

Animated tab examples

Resource documentations

Commands & Permissions, Symbols, Placeholders


  • Animated tab (header/footer) & animated groups​
    • Create your own animation​
      • Option to randomize header/footer texts
      • Option to set update interval in milliseconds
  • Tab auto updates in milliseconds
  • Customizable tablist groups (prefix/suffix)​
    • Ability to set permission for every group
  • Custom variables, to create some custom string-based placeholders
  • 160+ symbols
  • Customizable ping placeholder format using conditions (documentation)
    • You should use %player-ping% in order to match the correct ping value.
    • Every line of values in this array, will be sorted in descending order to match the correct value.
    • Allowed operators: >, <, >=, <=, ==
    • You can specify colors before the variable to colorize the result.
  • Ability to display the tablist in separate worlds
  • Switching tab visibility, toggles for all available players or just one user.
  • Tablist object types (health, ping tab & custom value)
    • Disabled worlds where tablist and objectives does not appear

Using per-world tablist

If you want to use per-world tablist, just find per-world section in spongeConfig file.
Example of how to use per-world:

    per-world {
        world1 {
            footer="&aWelcome in&6 %world%&a world!"
                "&cUsing &bAnimated TabList&c plugin!"
                "&aMultiple lines"

There is an ability to specify multiple worlds to display the same tablist in that world(s):
You should use , to separate the world names from each other.

    per-world {
        "world1, world2, world3" {
            footer="&6%world%&a world"
                "&cUsing &bAnimated TabList&c plugin!"


The downloaded file is a ZIP archive that currently contains 2 jar files that are different. The first (7) should support Sponge API 7, while the second (8) should only support Sponge API 8 versions. To install, select the version supported by your server. Version 8 supports versions 1.15 and above.

API 9 for version 1.17 and up is currently not supported.

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A new version has been released for [Animated Tab] - TabList, it is available for download here.

First release

Does this utilize placeholder api and such? For those who run a pixelmon server so we can use pixelmon placeholders to plugin into this?

EDIT: Read the part about placeholder api. apologies

Also do you have a paypal for donations?

Yea, I have PayPal, I’ll add to the main page. https://www.paypal.me/montlikadani

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Do you have discord?

See the #Support button

I’m having trouble setting up prefixes to show in the tab menu.

Is there something wrong here besides the spacing errors?

You just not follows the configuration format what’s in the default group. Please fix it firstly.