Anti-afk machine

Looking for either an alternative or maybe someone can tackle this.
This helps catch AFK’s that abuse server promotions or cheat when they arent on the server.
Maybe someone came up with something or anything or found a spigot plugin that has sponge in it as well like GriefDefender. Please help. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

So, I don’t know how much the anti AFK plugin actually does, but something I added to Nucleus is the ability to determine how AFK is detected. Most AFK machines rely on player movement (and not rotation), so you can set afk.triggers.on-movement to false in Nucleus’ main.conf. Combined with auto AFK kick, this might go some way to solving your problem while you wait for someone to come up with this more elaborate solution.

Currently I have players using an afk water pool that lets them float around. Versus an actual key movement (which I know can be used with a macro setup to cheat that too) but moreso ppl are lazy to do that. But water pool allows them to float around.

I’ll try your way too.