Anticheat plugin

Could someone create a plugin using md5 against cheating?

Do you mean that hashing algorithm? Should anything check if the client side is modified?

Yes, I want to find a plugins used to prevent all of the change(like mods and resourse pack) from client. @RandomByte

A couple things to note here incase:

  1. If you’re using cryptographic hashes to validate clients files/plugins/mods you’re completely at the mercy of the client. Seeing as how the client is running your code. This means it can easily be bypassed by just grabbing the right hash, and sending that regardless of what is actually there. You could theoretically find a way to do this, but you’d be one of a handful of people who’s ever accomplished this, and it wouldn’t really be feasible.
  2. If you are using Cryptographic Hashes MD5 is a really poor choice. MD5 has been broken for years. If you do decide this is still the route you want to go, use a strong work based hash instead of a fast hash. It’ll be slower work based hash. With strong work based values.
  3. Again following the same lines don’t expect this to be a fail-safe catch-all solution. There isn’t one for anticheating. The best solution is to have strong mods/admins/owners doing their job, and fairly looking at players, sneaking, checking, and just generally making sure everything is running smoothly.