Any interest in an anarchy server?

I used to run an anarchy server, it was successful until people started to migrate away. By anarchy I mean a server with 0 rules and 0 staff members. Might sound crazy to some people, but in many cases, realistic anarchy was established (where people formed groups and worked together, similar to the Walking Dead).

I plan to run this server on beta 1.8.1, but possibly it could run on the latest version. The only plugins (private API plugins for beta1.8.1 or Sponge plugins for latest version) that I would use will be something to combat common cheats such as flying and teleportation mods. I would also write a simple plugin for greentexting and possibly a more advanced messaging/mailing system to contact players.

Does anyone have interest in this? Should it run in Minecraft beta or the latest version? Any suggestions?


I’ve got quite some interest in this. It seems like a good idea. How about making it 1.7.2 untill Sponge comes out?

Hmm, possibly. Are you for/against/impartial to running a beta 1.8.1 server?

Sup dudes. I have a survival anarchy server if you guys want to get up on it. Couple commands /kill /tell /me /spawn. No rules besides no hacks. I run it and don’t plan on having any moderators. I just opened it like 4 days ago. I used to have a 100 slot anarchy server about a year ago with about 50 regs on at a time. I missed it so I started another one. I also couldn’t find any good ones, that’s the main reason I started one in the 1st place. It’s spigot 1.7.10. I’ll be on later tonight. I’m thinking about posting it in the servers section. Think it would be cool to get everyone up on it.

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Why no hacking?

Haha, sorry man. I hope I didn’t hijack your thread. I was just offering.

Nah, it’s alright ahah. I was getting kinda tight due to schoolwork.

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I don’t understand why you would use Beta 1.8.1? The latest “true” beta, or nostalgic beta, is 1.7.3. Beta 1.8 is just an outdated and “broken” if you may version of the current generation. It’s like running the latest version but add a bunch of bugs, remove a bunch of bug fixes and remove features.

I agree with those points.Personally, however, I think 1.8 is better for PvP.

Obvious post-adventure update is better for PvP, but using an ancient version like that will just be annoying. Using beta 1.8, as I said, is like using the current version but add bugs, remove bugfixes and remove features.

It’s just going to be outdated.

Fair enough. I’ll continue development on the beta server, but after considering your input as well as others’: the server probably will run the latest version of Minecraft.

I would love this. I like it when there is no staff, no rules, etc.
Let me know when you have it up.

This is interesting me quite a lot.
I’d love to play in this potentially chaotic style of gameplay!