Any plugins for tablist?

Hey !

I want a plugin to modify the tablist for SpongeForge API 6 because ColoredTabList don’t work correctly in API 6 :confused:

Any one can update or create or give me a link for a similar plugin ? :slight_smile:

Define ‘modify’. What exactly are you looking for?

As in a plugin with a configuration that lets you set the format and(or) text of the tablist headers/footers.

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That is exactly what I want yes :wink:

If there isn’t one already, I could make one. I found docs for the API here:


Okay thank you ^^ I will waiting your plugin.

Good Luck :wink:

Hey @552jules, just wanted to give you an update. I will be able to make it today (6th) and will ping you with the thread when I post it. Sorry about the wait :slight_smile:

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Okay no problems :wink: I have the time don’t worry ^^

Any updates? Also would love a server list plugin,

Thanks btw! I appreciate everyones hard work.

UltimateCore has this functionality?
But it’s still in alpha and just released, so don’t expect everything to work