Any recommendation of item removal plugins?

I’m starting a server with my friends and I was wondering what plugin is good to remove items dropped on the ground automatically??
Any suggestion, please!
Also a plugin for chopping tree. thx!

Can anyone answer me??

You bumped your own post less then a hour after posting. We are fast but not that fast.

As for removal of items try Epic Ban item. EpicBanItem / EpicBanItem

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Why do you need a plugin to remove dropped items? Dropped items despawn after five minutes by default.

but i just found out stuff that dropped on ground like a month ago

If the chunk unloads while items are still dropped, the timer pauses until the chunk is loaded again.

Five minutes of being loaded. Unloaded items can last forever, but they also have zero impact on your server so you don’t need to worry about them, and an item removal plugin would behave the same way.