Any server jars that support mods and bukkit plugins?

Hi there everyone!

I was wondering if there are any communities who took over Cauldron and made Forge mods+bukkit plugins work together for 1.8

Well Sponge supports Forge mods and Sponge plugins.
pore is a sponge plugin that loads bukkit plugins.
So with Sponge+pore you can get what you’re after.
Note however that neither are complete and crashes are to be expected

Lol, @Presidentkidz This IS the community that took over cauldrons work. Cauldron is @blood’s (sorry that pinged you). And he works with the sponge team. As far as pore goes you have to compile it yourself and very few plugins work with it right now.

How about Glowstone? Will that work?

Glowstone is far from finished.

tbh there currently is no way to get Forge mods and Bukkit Plugins to run with MC 1.8.x. However you can run Cauldron on MC 1.7.10… That would be the only option i think.

Glowstone has been abandoned (or everyone took a break). The last commit was on February 8th.

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