Anyone interested in writing a Shopkeeper Plugin?

Is there a shopkeeper plugin like the one that used to be available for Bukkit?

There probably isn’t one yet, but I demonstrated the ability to edit Villagers with Data API, however the plugin itself is a tad out of date, and definitely will need updating when Data 2.0 is merged.

Thanks, but Java script is Greek to me … :blush:

Just gotta wait then.

What javascript?

or whatever that is …: :unamused:

If you’re looking for a built jar as a plugin, I don’t have one available, but if you or a developer is interested in seeing an example source, that is: a Java plugin using SpongeAPI to edit a Villager’s trade offers and other data.

Javascript and Java are entirely different languages with no similarities, save the java in their names.

Java is a programming language (which the above code is written in), while Javascript is a scripting language for web development.

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Thank you both very much for your explanations & your patience with my queries as I have absolutely no idea about programming. I am merely a user.

Maybe someone can translate/adapt the bukkit shopkeeper version for usage with sponge??

I’ll take a look how much work it is. I might do something.

Hi, do you think you can do something?

Can someone write a plugin based on something like …">

Sorry about that :frowning:
I was gonna do something and then suddenly reallife…

Not to worry. I know what you mean and what its like … :smile:

How are you getting on? Or are you still caught up in real life … ? :sweat_smile:

Hello everyone, is there anyone who can write a shopkeeper plugin on the basis of

Any effort will be very much appreciated


@gabizou i would be interested in that code…may i please see it?

I already mentioned the villager plugin code in cookbook.