Anyone use AromaBackup?


Just curious if others have tried or are using AromaBackup. How is it working for you? Is it possible to use on a multi-world server?

Thank you!

Hello there!

I used it before going to a service provider featuring backup solution.

In a nutshell it compresses and zip the world folder. Since I never messed with the configs it may be possible to zip something else to save more than one world.

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Thank you for your thoughts.

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Your are more than welcomed! Feel free to let me know if your needing anything else fellow forum member. :smile:

In a nutshell it compresses and zip the world folder.

Yep. It means it will save any additional dimensions (they usually reside in a ‘world’ folder).

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Thank you very much for adding onto as I never ran a multiple world configuration before.

Running it and loving it so far. It does save the whole world folder, with potential whitelist/blacklist and a few other configs. I’m not sure I fully understand the “incremental” backups, but the full backups are working well for me.

I do wish it could be made to save the config folder, too, but that’s not a huge concern.

Thanks all!

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That’s what we are here for my fellow! Yea I don’t get the new “incremental” backup feature either. Like I know what it means on “paper” but no idea how you would actually restore such and etc.

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