[API 5/6] Market - A Chat Based Shop Plugin


Market is similar to the GlobalMarket plugin from bukkit, but is very different.

:gift: Features:

  • Blacklist items from being sold.
  • Redis based
  • Completely Chat Based (No Chests Needed!)
  • Multi-Server support
  • Item/Player Search

:arrow_double_down: Downloads
Download from Github: https://github.com/Time6628/Market/releases

:ballot_box_with_check: Requirements:

  • A Redis Server(No flat file support at the moment)

:desktop: Commands:
User Commands:
/market - Base command - market.command.base
/market create - Creates a listing - market.command.createlisting
/market listings - Shows all the listings - market.command.listings
/market check - Shows information about a listing, all where you can easily get the command to buy from that listing - market.command.check
/market buy - Buy from a listing - market.command.buy
/market addstock - Add more stock to a listing - market.command.addstock
/market removelisting - Remove a listing - market.command.removelisting
/market blacklist - List all the blacklisted items - market.command.blacklist
/market search <Item | User> <modid:itemid | Player Name> - Search the listings by player or item.

Admin/Staff Commands:
/market blacklist add modid:itemid - Add an item to the blacklist - market.command.staff.blacklist.add
/market blacklist remove modid:itemid - Remove an item to the blacklist - market.command.staff.blacklist.remove

Other Permissions:
market.command.staff.removelisting - Allows staff to remove listings that aren’t there’s.

:pencil2: Config:
Redis.Host - The Redis host address.
Redis.Port - The Redis port.
Redis.Use-password - Whether your redis server has a password or not.
Redis.Password - If you set it to use a password, it will use this password.
Market.Sponge.Server - If you’re running multiple servers, change this or the data will be stored in the same place and may cause issues.

:thumbsup: Support Me:
Enjoying the plugin? You can support me here: https://www.paypal.me/KookyKraftMCNetwork

:x: Known Issues:

  • Some items do not get saved correctly, causing them to appear as something different or lose their data.

:soon: Planned Features:

  • Server(Infinite) Listings

:question: FAQ:
Q: Why only Redis?
A: Redis allows me to sync the blacklist across multiple servers using the Pub/Sub that is built into Redis. It also allows the plugin to quickly gather the listings and put them together.

Q: Why not a block based shop plugin?
A: I feel that block(chest/sign) based plugins are holding economy plugins back as they limit what the possibilities you can do with them and how you use them. With block based shops you often have problems with scamming due to hiding text or other things. With a chat based GUI, I can clearly display what the item is, to ensure that the player is getting what they are paying for.

:camera: Screenshots
Base command result:


/market check id:

Anything in blue brackets is an item you can hover over.

Sell and buy item buy item of other players

I think your download link is wrong, says “Page not found” when clicked.


fixed the download link


recommend. make gui in market easy to use.
because GlobalMarket use gui.


It’s fairly simple to use. Just hover over the text in chat and it tells you what it does when you click it. I will not be adding an inventory menu anytime soon.


Would it be possible to support mysql in the future


Probably not, it relies on a lot of the features of redis.


Constructive Critic:
plugin had a lot of viable potential up till the point that its a requirement to have a secondary server just to run a plugin like this. while i get that the plugin may rely on a lot of features of redis; i don’t believe it should because it is then only use-able by the select few that want to spend money on extra server hosting as a dependency or those who just want to waste some space on their boxes just to utilize the plugin.

I will say the front end on how it looks is pretty good. Could be better if it followed more toward the plugin it was originally based on. but i just don’t see it as the best option to use. Wish you the best though and appreciate the work and effort you put forth.


You can run redis and your mc server on the same box. If you’re using a shared host, then you will have to use an external service for it.

If you aren’t using a shared host and are using linux, you can use this guide: https://redis.io/topics/quickstart
If you are using windows: https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis


lol you do realize anyone with a larger server or at least a decently populated server won’t run something like this on the same box. It would be too resource intensive. Not sure if you thought of that before implementing that into the plugin or not.


This plugin was never meant to be public. I specifically made it to work on a large network, not a single server. You could easily get a VPS or digital ocean server for a few bucks and setup redis on it. Also, I never thought about implementing redis, I based the entire plugin around using redis.


I love this! This is like the best combination of my two favorite bukkit economy plugins; BossShop’s PlayerShops addon and HyperConomy. It’s like the player shops functionality minus the GUI combined with the command based goodness of HyperConomy but without the fake supply/demand changing prices. Please keep up the good work, it’s developers like you that make it fun to host and configure Sponge based servers :smile:

If you can manage to fix the known issue and remove the requirement for a dedicated database server you will have created in my eyes the perfect player-based economy plugin.


Please update to API7


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/TimeTheCat/Market