[API 5] Appartus Quest System 1.0

Hi this is my second plugin, but the first with which I can show to the public :smiley: This plugin can from regular tables make Quest table. Make this if last line was the number of a quest ,quest run if admin with permission “appartus.creator” activates it with the right mouse button and recieve “Quest enabled”. The rest is done by the config. The default config is created in first time run of plugin and includes two quests (1,2), which each one is logically connected.

I confess that I was inspired and use piece of code from the plugin CommandSigns
> [Discontinued] CommandSigns [v1.3.1] [API 6]

In Quest Requirements can be this tasks: Level - Check if player have level above this value and remove value from his level Item - Check if player have in primary hand requested item Perm - Check if player have necessary permission PermNot - Check if player don’t have selected permission

and as result of quest will be this: Command - This run command as console. Command can have “@p” and plugin replace this with player name Item - Give selected item as reward.

GitHub:> GitHub - adolf01/QuestSystem
Config file example:

Config File Example: http://vps2.appartus.cz/data/appartusquestsystem.conf
Lastest build : http://vps2.appartus.cz/data/QuestSystem.jar
External Configurator in C# : http://vps2.appartus.cz/data/AppartusQC.rar

Plugin reload config with command “sponge plugins reload”

Tested on SpongeVanilla 1.10.2-5.1.0-BETA-366 and SpongeForge 1.10.2-2171-5.1.0-BETA-2003

I’m slightly confused. Are you supposed to like, have items to get promoted through this?

Yes its for Tech tier system, only example. Buy in begining playe have enable only vanila items And by leveling and questing i enable other mods tiers. Every mod in my modpacku have custom tier system based on my Old plugin to restrict blocks.

Is it possible to get rid of the official inscriptions on the tablets?

Added external configurator

I am extremely confused, how do players automatically recieve items and the rewards from completing the quest? Doesnt seem to be working


I am intrigued by your plugin, However I do not have a list of permissions or any commands to execute in game to apply these to a sign. I understand how config file works and I see your functions in your jar files. I also see your event handlers. Please let me know as soon as possible!

its quiet hard to read what you say cause of the typos + it would be better to have a WIKI than just giving us the config example

Also is this plugin still active? :confused:

No, it is not, from what ive seen anyways.

crap :confused: my cooner does not want to use custom npc’s so i have to find something only server side -- and now i am also looking for a drop party plugin --

There hasnt been one ported neither so :
Out of luck on both ends

^ true :confused: well time to wait i gues