[API 6/7] Animations - Allowing the creation of frame-based animations in Minecraft


Animations is a Sponge plugin that allows for the creation of frame-based animations. Animations was inspired by VoxelTronix and its successor VoxelMotion.

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Statement of purpose: The Animations plugin is intended to give a server’s designated builders a more creative outlet for showing off works of art. The plugin attempts to create an intuitive tool allowing for frame-based animations with the need to type only a few commands.

Installation: Simply move the Animations jar file into your plugins/mods folder and start the server. All needed files and databases will be created automatically and there are currently no config files to edit.

Getting Started: For information on using this plugin please start by reading the Basic Usage Guide. Any additional information can be found on the Wiki and if you think there’s anything missing feel free to reply to this thread asking your question(s).

Please see this permissions list to determine what permissions you will need for your server.


Deer modeled by @marcoapc_art created in MC by DarkRose1995


Update 12/29/17: Created working version for API 7.0 (1.12.2), find downloads here

Update 1/4/18: Moved to Plugin Releases

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Update 1/27/18: Version 0.3.0 released. Find downloads here.

  • UI Enhancements
  • Frame/Animation loading is now running asynchronously. Meaning the server won’t suffer when loading large animations
  • Fixed bounds checking when deleting a frame
  • The delete_frame command has been changed to just delete
  • Added the Animation Settings page in the wiki for information on using the new settings bar
  • Implemented functionality to rename animations

Update 11/3/18: Version 0.3.1 released. Find downloads here.

  • Fixes Issue #8 indirectly
  • Fixed a bug with showing the incorrect corner when clicking the ‘Corner 1’ or ‘Corner 2’ text in the animation info screen

hey can you allow entity? :smiley:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that, but if you’re looking to make a feature request create an issue here with what you’re thinking.

for some reason frame doesn’t catch pixelmon statue :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just trying to figure out how server make animated statue. where the statue actually moving because all pixelmon statue just stand still

Ah I see what you’re saying now. I can look into that and see if there’s something I can do, but I believe that’s part of a much larger update. Furthermore, I officially only support vanilla, but like I said, I’ll see what I can do. I’ve never played pixelmon so it’s also would take some learning on my part.

That would be awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: