[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


I realized that after I posted, but was to busy to edit my message.
So if I'm understanding this right, FoxGuard is server-side only, and Core has a .jar for both?



So here is the deal with the client side version(s).
FoxCore is the main plugin that all other Fox Suite plugins depend on. The most important part about FoxCore is the wand API (at least currently). Each plugin will have a client side mod dependent on what UI/Client side handling is needed.
Right now the only thing implemented is a basic selection/region UI in FoxCore.
At a later date, FoxGuard will also probably have a client side mod, that allows for region specific UI stuff, such as hovering information over the region's, color coding, a special window to view links, etc.

The client side mod is not a required mod in any way shape or form, it is there only to enhance the players experience and ease of using FoxCore/Guard.

So my point is, any client side stuff that will be used across multiple plugins is put in FoxCore-client.jar. Anything else is put in the specific plugin as -Client.jar


I really need help. My server will not boot. As soon as it starts up, it crashes after everything loads.


It seems to be attributed to FoxGuard.


It looks like your server hung while starting, and then the minecraft watchdog killed it.

Try increasing max-tick-time in your server.properties file to a larger number, or set it to zero to disable it entirely.


When I do that, the server lags extremely bad. I'm not sure what is causing the lag here.


Something else is causing your server to lag to death. I'm pretty sure that crash has foxguard in it because it JUST SO HAPPENED to die when running my code. The stacktrace that your crash report points to is not a hangable point. I would start removing plugins till it behaves.


@gravityfox After upgrading the sponge: http://pastebin.com/eJw3M3CR


Previously installed this spongeforge-1.11.2-2227-6.0.0-BETA-2157.jar

It also deleted all LINKS! Possible... Any bad load of the plugin ruin everything links.


I am aware of that error, and it'll get a fix when I have time.

So the link deletion issue seems to just be an issue of links not LOADING, and then when subsequently resaving, no links are saved.

I'm currently doing a lot of cleanup of storage code. If the issue still persists after that, the logs should actually be helpful in finding just what exactly is going wrong.


Just to add on this, I was having more of a severe issue compared to @ziceptor when I updated sponge. All my regions and handlers were completely deleted so I had to remake all of them after reverting back to the older of Sponge I was using.


Issue came when trying to update to 1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2172.


This is why we make backups BEFORE making updates...


Yeah, my bad on that one.

Any estimate on when a fix will be released?



Is there anything included with FoxGuard to stop Ice from melting around light sources?


When you update this plugin?
I really need to update Sponge, but i can't because this plugin doesn't works in newest versions...


It's cool we managed to fix it now :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Is there a way to visually see a region? As in, a highlighted section? Can I load up a previously set region and see which blocks it incompases?

Also, when setting a rectangle region, I understand that it protects all blocks above the set spots, but does it also protect all blocks below the selected blocks?

Thank you.


I tried both of the following ways and users were still able to knock items out of frames. Also I run a pixelmon server and it seems that the second order/configuration made it so people could not kill pixelmon.


Flag sets are resolved from top down, so in the second one, damage entity overrides the other two.

I think i know what's going on now. Add the following:

interact entity hanging =false

The problem is that item frames are being interacted with, even though they're not being damaged.


Hello, I have a question.
I set some regions a week or so ago, but when I looked them up yesterday they were not loaded in on the server anymore, they were still there in the files though and i didnt see any difference there between those and new ones I added.
You heared of this before and know why it happens? the regions are absolutely vital to my server since its an adventure map so them randomly disappearing could do a lot of harm to the server once its open.

I did read about some guy having a similar issue after using the /fg save command, i used it too so that could be it, but when I tried out later it didnt happen again so Im not sure that was it.


(PS. generally love the plugin, keep up the good work!)


Did you update Forge or Sponge? Also, can you post any errors that appeared in console, or your server log.


I updated neither one of them, i also have no errors in the logs, it just doesnt load them anymore