[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution


Magic!!! :slight_smile: I tried to reproduce this behavior, but failed. This happens under various conditions. Very, very rarely.


altight, if it happens very very rarely im just going to assume im not that unlucky to have it happen twice :stuck_out_tongue: ill be setting up a load of them soon, thanks!


In fact it is a VERY BIG PROBLEM of the plugin. Because the consequences are destructive to the world.


I thought it may have to do with the cleaning up of data that I can turn off in the config, did that for now gonna see what happens, my server crashed a few times but that wasnt directly on foxguard but more on dynmap, i disabled dynmap and the crashes stopped but that might have been when my regions corrupted.

Also what I noticed is that region backups didnt recover it either, Im not sure how the system works exactly cuz I havent been messing with the foxdb file but if there was a secure way of backuping your regions (like a /fg backup regions|handlers) which would create a file that has the data to rebuild the regions/handlers (so coordinates/links/entries) it would already help a lot, cuz instead of having to recreate a few hundreds of regions when they get corrupted I can just import that backup file.

Best ofcourse would be to be able to trace the main problem but ive coded a little on small projects and I know how hard that can be if it doesnt give you the proper crash reports.
On the other hand. It would definately be a good addition if possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


forge-1.10.2 -
creating region
creating handler
linking all pull up a error


Someone can set this plugin as "ABANDONED"?
The developer doesn't want or can't update this plugin for latest Sponge versions, and this make the plugin obsolete.


No. Just because it doesn't update to YOUR schedule does not mean it's abandoned. The developer is in the process of a rewrite, amongst other tasks, and also has a life. Please be patient.


Just look the errors that people get above..


The plugin works fine on SpongeVanilla 1.11.2 build 218, which is what we used for State of Sponge. It's not particularly out of date, and Sponge has just released a newer API. That it does not work with the very latest versions is unsurprising, and you'll have to wait for an update.

As for other issues with people losing regions, it's being investigated. It's also very hard to reproduce, I've only ever had it happen on a server crash.

Either way, you don't get the right to speak for the developer.


It is there for the version i use and it does what its supposed to do, so far no new disappearences of regions and the regions are much more powerfull then the old worldguard ones, for example if you didnt have enter permission back then you could still crouch in, which is impossible with foxguard


FoxGuard is the first large project I ever undertook, and it means a lot to me. To ask for it to be marked as abandoned is deeply insulting.

As Inscrutable said, I have a life. That includes a job, college, and my personal life (relationships and such).

Although I guess I won't be though of more than a slave to other people's needs...

May I suggest you maybe try and HELP if it's so important to you...


Take your time @gravityfox , real life always comes first! No idea why that guy even got involved on a error log I posted.
Also could you direct me to what version of Spongeforge 1.10.2 this does work on. Appreciate your time.


I don't know what version of SF it works on, simply because i don't keep up with SF/SV version numbers.

@Inscrutable might know though.


My guess would be that it broke because of the Event Gen Performance Refactor, which happened in SpongeForge build 2162 (for 1.10.2) and build 2163 (for 1.11.2), and SpongeVanilla 1.11.2 build 221. I haven't had a chance to confirm that yet.


That is EXACTLY why it broke, so yes those are the versions at which FoxGuard stops working.


When you can update the plugin?


He will soon, I wouldnt give him a deadline, its more important that it is good then that it gets here fast


Error in 1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2210
Error occurred while executing command 'fg create handler mainspawn basic plugandplay'

Link error :
1. PasteBin - http://pastebin.com/4pjDMzRM
2. Github - https://gist.github.com/comdarksider/b5ae768063ce376bd9b6a611d86ad5a7


Foxguard broke due to recent changes in SpongeAPI. Read here, from 4 posts above. A new release is imminent.


Perfect, i hope soon