"apt-get" like package manager for sever admins (That uses the Ore database?)

Pugin installation should be simple.

If you are familiar with linux, you know all about downloading software through “apt” or; Advanced Packaging Tool. If you don’t know what that is i suggest you google it. Here are some baseline commands/ideas to show the foundation for this system:

  • " :name: " : Show all commands.
  • " :name: add "

(Where :name: is the name of the utility)

I suggest this method for plugin management because…

1 ) Would use ONE system to download, register, view, and update all Sponge approved plugins.
2 ) Securely distribute plugins (and source code) from the official Sponge database.
3 ) Easy to use with simple, but thoroughly documented commands.

The service “Ore” could host an official repository of all approved and functioning plugins (remember Bukkit-Dev), and allow server admins to manage their mods through a simple command-line based system, all without stepping out of their command terminal. All approved plugin namespaces would be regulated and well managed by the database, to allow admins to easily download the plugins they want. This would lead to a more “official” plugin release system. Ex. the command “:name: view [category/author/version]” would return results for all official plugins related to the argument(s) given, under their proper names in the Ore Database. Better way of downloading source code as well, with a simple -s at the end of the “get” command, you could easily download the official source, without going onto git or what have you.

This is a WIP

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In its current stages Ore looks more like an open-source version of BukkitDev… We plan to eventually create a package manager that consumes an Ore repository that can install plugins.

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I’m not sure what happened to Soak, but Soak was a project idea basically the same as this.

Here’s the reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/spongeproject/comments/2fs5l2/soak_a_package_manager/

A planning doc, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xRt5yZ1a69TLtNcIEIUh7hCl--R2stEJzE4qdCgDPh0

Requirements doc Dropbox - soak requirements doc.md - Simplify your life

Wow, Soak is what i first thought the name would be. Anyways thanks ill check it out