ArcadeCube Network - SpongeVanilla vs Spigot

Hello everyone, I’m in the progress of developing a new Minecraft network called ArcadeCube and I just wanted your thought’s on what API I should go with Sponge or Spigot :/, I have yet to develop with Sponge but I have heard a lot of good things. ArcadeCube will be a new mini-games/competitive based network that will hopefully thrive in the future so we need to know what would be the best for us.

I do think it would be pretty unique owning a Sponge mini-games network. It would nearly have to be a first…

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Well Sponge is a brand new API, still in its early days but it will definitely grow. And you have awesome developers here, they give great advices !

Join the sponge side, we have cookies :wink:

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@Keuterio, Thank’s for replying. I have been recently looking into some project’s on github that people have created with the SpongeAPI and I think I like it even if it does take some time adjusting, I think I might have made my decision :blush:

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Honestly the best way to choose is to run both, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from having both spigot and sponge servers on the backend.

Use the spigot servers when you need to run existing stuff, use Sponge for new development.

If you enjoy developing with Sponge more then reusing the Spigot/Bukkit plugins, then start migrating.


Since you are creating a new network, I would start with sponge. One thing that you may like is that the existing plugins on Sponge have the ability of being extended with custom code of your own.

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