Are there too few Updates?

Sorry for my bad English, but i will try my best…

I want to know, why are there so few Updates about what is going on with Sponge?
I mean, about 2 Weeks ago, they said something like “There will be a first Version in one Month”…
And if i look at Sponge, and the Forums etc. … I have the feeling, nothing is really going on.
Much Discussing but no Information how much of the API is currently done…
If i look at another API like “Glowstone”… there are already 1.8 Files ready to download.
I dont want to rush the Spongeteam. I dont need an Spongeversion in 2 Weeks, but i want more Information about:
“What are we doing”
“What is done”
“Is this really going forward?”

Im scared, that Sponge will going under…

Sponge isn’t dying. There have been threads on this topic already. Updates will come in larger batches.

We are still in the planning phase I believe.

Developers have lives. Also, the whole thing is designed from the ground up which takes time. It will eventually get there I can assure you.

What are we doing

Currently, designing the API and working on a first implementation.

What is done

Parts of the API, parts of the Forge based implementation. They aren’t yet stable, but they are moving

Is this really going forward?

Yes. Yes it is.

Also, Sponge has weekly updates on these forums, to let us know what’s going on.

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Another thing is Sponge is dependent on forge coming out so they have something the base the none plugin developer part of the API on.

Please don’t necro threads…

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