Area protection wish list

Area protection plugins such as GriefDefender, UniverseGuard, RedProtect, etc are amazing for world management. However in my experience people almost always have a wish list of what else any plugin could do.

Im curious to know what features of area protection plugins do you wish they had, or your favourite feature found in a already existing plugin?

Area protection plugins come in more forms then just area protection, such as factions whereby factions could set war on one and another, or towny which was based on building a community and these tend to conflict with one and another, but im going to be asking for area protection plugins in general.

Personally for me, its the town vibe. Aka you setup base in a area at the cost of rent or something and surly enough, you get to know the mayor, the people and the area. Eventually sharing resources, teaming up and fighting the town next to yours. Such a bonding experience.

But i also love the little flags that help you out. Dont like fall damage? Oh just disable fall damage for your area. Dont like creepers getting into your base? Just enable the prevention for them. (If you have a flag that is on your wish list or one you really like, then please say)