ArmorStandTools - Tools for manipulating armor stands

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Faithfully cloned from St3venAU’s Spigot plugin


An easy to use utility plugin for creating, configuring, positioning, and tweaking armor stands.


  • Perfectly position and rotate every armor stand element. The rotation is measured by how far up on the body you click.
  • Perfectly position and rotate the armor stand itself. Body rotation is done via vertical click point as well, while using the motion tool moves the stand by 0.1 on a given axis.
  • Pick up and carry armor stands around with you for quick and easy placement.
  • Set a default armor stand template which will be used for every new armor stand created.
  • Clone existing armor stands with one click.
  • An easy to use GUI that lets you do several things with an armor stand.
    • Change the name, the size, the gravity, and every other property about the armor stand.
    • Edit the equipment and held items.
    • Convenient player head spawning.
    • Create a command block item to summon this armor stand.
  • Permissions are set up so you could conceivably give this to survival mode players.

For users of the Spigot version

  • Inventory saving now persists across server restarts.
  • Command block spawning will include any custom data from other plugins or mods on the armor stand.
  • Multiple players can edit the same armor stand concurrently, and the GUIs will update in real-time.
  • Text input is done through chat; no more sign limitations.
  • Other plugins or the /give command can create items which act like a particular tool.
  • Stands can have multiple commands stored, and individual stands can be specified in the command. Coupled with point #2 this means that command blocks can spawn stands with commands already on them.


/armorstandtools or /ast: Give yourself the set of tools. Comes with element positioners, stand positioners, a stand rotator, a stand summoner, and the GUI opener. This will back up your inventory and clear it, so as to make way; running the command again will restore your inventory.
/ast reload: Reloads the config.
/ascmd assign player|console [<stand>] <command>: Adds command to the armor stand. This command, along with all the other ones on the stand, will be run when someone right-clicks the armor stand, unless they are sneaking. If stand is not specified, the closest one is used instead.
/ascmd view [<stand>]: Views all commands stored on stand. If stand is not specified, the closest one is used instead.
/ascmd remove [<stand>] [<index>]: Removes command index from stand. If stand is not specified, the closest one is used instead. If index is not specified, all commands are removed instead.

This plugin supports /sponge plugins reload.


astools.command: Allows usage of the /ast command.
astools.reload: Allows usage of the /ast reload command.
astools.use: Allows usage of non-spawning tools.
astools.clone: Allows usage of the clone tool.
astools.summon: Allows usage of the summoning tool.
astools.head: Allows usage of the head spawning tool.
astools.cmdblock: Allows usage of the command block creation tool.
astools.ascmd.assign.console: Allows use of /ascmd assign console.
astools.ascmd.assign.player: Allows use of /ascmd assign player.
astools.ascmd.view: Allows use of /ascmd view.
astools.ascmd.remove: Allows use of /ascmd remove.
astools.ascmd.execute: Allows use of stored commands on an armor stand.


# The default gear on a newly summoned armor stand.
# Each item is in the same NBT format that you'd pass to /give.
# Use null (not in quotes) to omit an item. 
default-gear {
  helmet = {
    id: "minecraft:skull"
    Damage: 3
  chestplate = {
    id: "minecraft:iron_chestplate"
  leggings = {
    id: "minecraft:iron_leggings"
  boots = {
    id: "minecraft:iron_boots"
  main-hand = null
  off-hand = null
# The default settings on a newly summoned armor stand.
default-settings {
  arms = true
  base-plate = false
  gravity = false
  name = null
  invulnerable = false
  small = false
  # All settings past this point do nothing right now.
  visible = true
  equipment-lock {
    hands = none
    helmet = none
    chestplate = none
    leggings = none
    boots = none

Planned features

  • The rotators are perfect analogs, but are difficult to get the hang of. Perhaps a tool that simply points a body part in the same direction you’re looking?
  • Support for region protection plugins.
  • Support for translations. Unlike the original, the plugin will come packaged with all translation files, and players will see messages in the language they’re using.


1.0: Initial release.
1.1: Stored commands added.

Statistics collection

This plugin uses bStats to collect metrics. A list of all metrics collected can be found here. This data is unobtrusive, lightweight, and completely anonymized, so there is no reason whatsoever to disable it. However, if you wish to do so anyway, simply set enabled to false in config/bStats/config.conf.


A new version has been released for ArmorStandTools, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs I didn’t catch before releasing.

no toggle invisibility?

I couldn’t get it to work. If it’s a Sponge bug, visibility will get fixed when the bug gets fixed; otherwise, it’ll be fixed when I figure it out.

@pie_flavor: Using Keys.INVISIBLE on an ArmorStand worked for me.

A new version has been released for ArmorStandTools, it is available for download here.

Added stored commands! Now you can attach commands to armor stands that players will run on right-click.

Umm. there is a problem. Once i drag this plugin in my “mod” folder my server cannot run… Help Please <3


Well I can’t help if you don’t provide any information at all. Please upload your server log to Gist and link it here.

I don’t see ArmorStandTools in there anywhere. Are you sure that the problem is there when AST is present and not there when AST is absent?

i just drag and put in my mod folder and run it. it just crash.

And it stops crashing when you take it out of your mod folder?

When i remove it to run normally.

I simply have no idea what could be causing it then. But it looks like a classloading conflict with CraftBook. However, nothing I am doing should interfere with what CraftBook is doing.

How much memory are you giving your server?

I let my server run at 16 GB

Can you also gist your debug.log?

Here you go

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, then. CraftBook is reporting that one of its classes, which my plugin has nothing to do with, is failing to load.

In an attempt to further isolate the problem, can you add an ‘a’ to the beginning of the CraftBook jar so it looks like ‘aCraftBook-whatever.jar’ and tell me if the problem persists?

Sadly it still crashing.