Art, Design, and a bit of fun

Although I’ve drawn since as far back as I can remember, and have a father who was an architect for many of my growing-up years, I do not consider myself and artist. Not an artist per-se, but more or a doodler. Inspiration comes and goes, much like the tide; persistent, periodically, and quasi-perfect when it’s there. Well, today it struck me upon my face and said: “Draw. Now.” And I did. @Thomas was looking for a logo (maybe it was @thomas15v? can’t recall …), so I let creativity flow. Sadly, I was robbed a while back and my bamboo drawing tablet was taken, so I only have a $2 laser mouse to work with… Anyways, I’ll save my ramblings for my shamelessly self-promoted blog, and show you what I’ve done with 3 colors and a single smudge tool:

At whomever requested the logo: there’s an actual logo incoming, not something shaded like this, I promise.

and while we’re talking art, here’s a few of my drawings:

these are a few recent ones. I have notebooks full of everything from values and shades to remake of comic characters. :)

What about you? Do you draw/doodle/finger paint? Show me! :D



I use to draw but they were never anything significant. Infact I may try get back into drawing, who knows I may be naturally good at it after years of waiting.

Anyway enough about me, you two have a very artistic mind, I quite like the drawings you’ve shown! @MatthewEnderle

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@octoshrimpy Totally wasn’t me, I don’t even know how to use photoshop xD.

I doodle.


It was me who requested the design :). You’ve got some nice drawings/designs there!

@Thomas, here you go:

And @Falkreon, as promised. Decided to stick to the old school robocop logo. :)

On further thougth, I may add a light sponge texture behind the yellow, and have that fade into the red.

I hope this doesn’t Violate the TOS
Technically, you don’t see anything anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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is that graphite on acid, by chance? or charcoal? or digital?


digital it is

B graphite on acidic paper, the graphite spreads nicely alongside it. Not acid like drugs, lol.
and nice!

Ok, that makes sense. I got a ton of digital drawings, but this one was more of my favorite.