Assistance with local lag. low FPS high CPU

I’m running a pixelmon server with a custom-built map. Everything was fine until I started building and using some world edit. I have found that in areas I use world edit there are massive amounts of lag, going from 400fps all the way down to around 60-100 and my CPU usage goes from 15% to 50%. I had friends join the server as well and the same thing happens to them. At first, I believed it was world edits fault so I contacted their devs and they said world edit does nothing to the blocks after they’re placed and suggested getting help from Sponge. I’ve deleted a couple of plugins I thought could have been the issue but have not had any luck. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

EDIT. I have also found that if I delete the world files and regenerate a completely new map, the same areas cords still have the lag.

What would be really useful for debugging purposes is the versions of Forge, SpongeForge, and the list of mods and plugins you are using. It’s likely that some interaction between them is causing the problem - a possible candidate is a protection plugin freaking out after you used worldedit.

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That was it, I had a protection plugin preventing blocks from being broken/placed. I disabled it and the lag went away instantly. Thank you SO much.

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