AtherysRoleplay - A character card plugin to help immerse players in roleplay

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A’therys Roleplay – a Sponge roleplay plugin


Current features

  • Character cards!

Planned features

  • Fluid RP chat


Base Commands

Aliases Permission Description
/roll [X / dX / XdY] atherysroleplay.roll Roll some dice
/card atherysroleplay.card.base View card menu
/card show View your own card
/card reset atherysroleplay.card.reset Reset all fields of own character card
/card nickname atherysroleplay.card.nickname Set the nickname of your character
/card nation atherysroleplay.card.nation Set the nation of your character
/card name Set the name of your character
/card description atherysroleplay.card.description Set the description of your character
/card age atherysroleplay.card.age Set the age of your character

How can i see other players cards?